Walking Dead

Common Information

Becoming infected

The Plague of Teeth is still alive within the realms, albeit weakened. Any natural weapon attack that generates a raise on the damage roll passes the infection on to the prey. This requires an immediate Vigor roll with a penalty determined by the type of undead. If this roll is failed, the wounded creature gains an infection token. If the now infected creature has more infection tokens than their Toughness and are not Wild Cards, the creature is immediately turned and becomes a Stalker. Most zombies sense this and will cease attacking. Wild Cards continue to count infection tokens.

Applications of the healing poultice will automatically remove 1d3 infection points. A successful healing roll with the poultice will heal an additional 1d3, with another 1d3 on a raise. Poultices and healing tests can be done once per day. After 48 hours the character must test Vigor against the number of infection tokens remaining. Failure means that the character is too far gone and begins to turn. The character must test again every 24 hours until all of the infection tokens are removed, or until (s)he turns.

Healing magic does not affect the infection.

Walking Dead

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