Setting Rules

Human Magic

Human magic, typically known as sorcery, is based on the rules described in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition (p102). It also adds the idea of “major effect” trappings from the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion. Finally, rituals are introduced as a setting rule.

Human magic is more flexible than that wielded by other races; only humans can sense this native energy that pervades the world. This is manifested in the concepts of trappings and rituals.



Minor Effects

In Heritage Lost trappings are not considered new spells. Minor effects simply reflect the way the spell is always cast and are primarily stylistic based on the character’s background.

Major Effects

Major effects are applied to a specific spell and must be understood and studied in advance. This is reflected by a difficult (6) Spellcasting roll. Once this is passed, the sorcerer may add the effect to the spell at any time by paying an additional 2 Power Points when the spell is cast.


Most spells also exist as rituals. Rituals must be purchased as an advance (when the character gains 5 experience points), and are, in a rules sense, different spells. A ritual uses the rules as the base spell with the following exceptions:

  • By default, the duration of the spell is 24 hours from the time the ritual is finished. This can be extended by losing an additional power point for every day.
  • The spellcasting roll gains a +2.
  • If the ritual is successful, the caster’s power point pool is reduced by the ritual’s cost. These points will not “regenerate” until the ritual’s effect is done.
  • The character must know the base spell before the ritual can be learned.
  • The ritual takes 1 hour per expended power point.

Corlec the sorcerer knows the Barrier ritual. He also knows the Barrier spell and has researched a major effect that causes magical fire to burn around the barrier. And finally, he knows that a pack of zombies are shambling down the road toward the village he is protecting. He wants to place a Barrier in front of the 24-foot wide bridge leading to the village. Using the stats from the base spell, it would cost 4 power points (1 for each section) + 2 power points to add the fire effect.

The ritual would then take 6 hours to cast, and, if successful, the character loses 6 Power Points for the duration of the spell. The Barrier will then last for 24 hours. Corlec can extend the duration by another 24 hours for the cost of 7 Power Points, then 8 the third day, and so on.

Hearth Magic

Hearth Magic is very similar to sorcery rituals.

Setting Rules

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