Note: The focus of the stories should be on the characters. However, this is not always feasible, at which point the focus should stay with the players as much as possible. The purpose of the so-called “expert” follower is to supplement the characters, not replace them. The following rules are used to support that:

  • Character(s) leading the roll: The expert assists by bumping the character’s relevant skill up one die level. If the character’s skill is already at or above d8 thru d12, the expert grants a +2 to the roll. The expert confers no benefit if the character already possesses a d12 or higher in the skill. Players can assign bennies as normal.
  • When no character is available or willing to “take the lead” a player can assume the role of the expert. All experts are assumed to have a d8 in the relevant skill areas. The player can use one, and only one, of their bennies while doing this.

The following NPCs are currently known to the characters:

With the Wagon

Adon Dynent: (Languages) – Adon is a devotee of the Sage’s Guild in Kema. Normally soft-spoken and enthusiastic, he will strongly defend the Guild’s interests, with force if necessary.

“Enri” Rothos: (Dwarven Culture) – Enri is an unpleasant city dwarf and considers himself to be only an employee of the Sage’s Guild. He is typically gruff, selfish, and just a litlle bit cowardly. He also doesn’t strongly believe in personal hygiene. For some reason, he has taken a bit of a protective attitude toward Adon.

Cony Toruc: (Animal Handling) – Cony is a short, attractive, young woman with dark skin and tightly cropped hair. She doesn’t speak much, being stereotypically closer to her animals than to the people around her. Oddly, she tends to have several bits of sky-blue woven throughout her clothing.

Inenath Reos: (Survival) – Inenath is a boisterous man, tall and rangy. He loves to tell good stories around the campfire of an evening. Good hunts often lead to practical jokes, but bad ones do not seem to dampen his spirits or his confidence.

Peres: (Survival) – Peres is much like his fellow hunter Inenath, with the notable exception of the practical jokes. He is somewhat shorter, and slightly less loud, but is an excellent tracker and takes his role quite seriously.

Oryll Banhaw: (Map-making) – Oryll has large grey eyes that seem to take in everything. Her sense of wonder is infectious and she is genuinely excited about the northern trip. She is also the self-appointed cook for the party and is quite good at it. After some questioning from Teodolf, she reveals that she has always loved maps and still owns a small fragment of a map that was passed down thru her mother.

Turun Kiat: (Merchant) – Turun is a dissenter. Nothing is ever good enough for this older portly gentleman and he has expressed his dissatisfaction with this journey quite often. He also like to treat young Oryll like a servant.

Chaight Adeti: (Killer) – Adeti, as this tall slender man is called, is simply put, a killer. As another of his ilk once said, it’s the only thing he’s ever been good at. He doesn’t fell any compulsion to bring harm to others, but has no remorse if that is what is necessary.

Sulny Cer’usk: (Laborer) – Sulny is a vagabond, formerly a member of Tuttle’s band of bandits, was rescued from the wrath of Zafar Al by Teodolf. He has agreed to accompany the group in exchange for his life. Killed by the demonic bird-thing in the Otheron Mountains.


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