Setting Specific Rules

New Skills


  • Knowledge (Kidegian Empire) – Characters with this skill know the history of the Kidegian Empire including its environs, cultures, and political entities from before the plagues.
  • Knowledge (Old Gods) – Characters with this skill know the history and influences of the gods before the plagues.
  • Knowledge (Ritual Sorcery) – Characters with this skill know the powers and capabilities of ritual sorcery, including how to construct rituals to power the ancient technologies. This skill cannot be taken at character creation.
  • Knowledge (Elven History) – Characters with this skill understand the Elven culture and history. This skill can only be bought once at character creation.
  • Knowledge (Dwarven History) – Characters with this skill are familiar with the various dwarven lands, histories, and culture. This skill can only be bought once at character creation.


Normal Healing

Non-magical healing works as described in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition (p78). To summarize, the healer makes a Healing roll applying the penalties for his wound level as well as the wound level of the patient and any other applicable modifiers. A success heals one wound, while rolling a raise heals two.

Magical Healing


Sorcerers in Heritage Lost, unlike other Savage Worlds settings, can cast two healing spells according to the following rules.

  • Succor: This spell works as described in SWDE (p117). This is one of the few sorcery spells whose result is permanent.
  • Healing: The effects of this spell is the same as described in SWDE (p114). However, the effects of the spell wear off after a time. For each power point invested in the spell, determined before casting, the effects last for 1 day. At sundown on the last day, the spell fades and all healed wounds and hazards return. This can have the effect of immediately incapacitating the character The so-called “Golden Hour” is extended for the duration of the spell, but the healer must deal with the penalties of all the wounds. This spell can only heal a particular set of wounds once; it cannot be used to keep wounds at bay indefinitely.

Sacrificial Healing

A rare group of people are able to heal others in a more powerful, dangerous way: they can absorb the wounds of those they treat. This is a variant of spirit magic and uses the same rules as Greater Healing from SWDE (p113). However, this is not a spell for these types of healers. Rather it is a power that they can enact once per day.


The character party, consisting of two warriors, a healer, and a sorcerer, are far from civilization when they are set upon by a pack of wolves. During the fight, one of the warriors, Akesh, is severely wounded, taking 2 wounds. The healer, Serena, also suffers a wound. After the battle, Serena attempts to heal Akesh. Her total penalty is -3 and she rolls an 8, enough to heal one wound. The characters are 4 days from the closest village they trust, and it’s a dangerous trek back. If they encounter more trouble, Akesh could go down. Permanently.

Bian, the sorcerer casts Healing on Akesh, and spends 5 power points. The spell will wear off at sundown on the end of the fifth day. The spell is successful, and the party sets out for a safe zone. On the third day, the characters run afoul of a slavering beast. Akesh again takes 2 wounds, but this time Serena completely fails the roll. Bian heals Akesh again, but does not put any extra Power Points into the spell. At this point, Akesh has two more days before the first spell wears off and his original unhealed wound returns. If they don’t make it back before sundown on the third day, the second spell will wear off, hitting him with two more wounds, bringing his total to 3 and incapacitating him.

When the characters finally reach the village, they go straight to the healer’s tent. The healer’s current penalties are -3. Healing Akesh is simply beyond his capabilities. However, there is good news. A member of the need cult name here has recently arrived in the village. After some discussion, the cultist agrees to heal Akesh. He prepares himself, aligning his energy with the spirit world, and draws Akesh’s wounds into humself. The injuries briefly reappear on Akesh’s body, then on the cultist. The cultist rolls well enough to get a success and a raise, allowing him to draw two wounds from Akesh. This puts Akesh’s wound penalty at -1, enough for the village healer to take care of and since the wounds inflicted on the cultist are new, Serena can attempt to heal them. She heals one of the two wounds, and the village healer is able to heal the rest.

Setting Specific Rules

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