Maxinian's Journal

Macher 10, 643 RD

I still find it difficult to believe that I have finally passed all the tests that the Masters have devised for me. After a full year of study and research, of sleepless nights spent working rituals, and early mornings lecturing wide-eyed students, I have been formally accepted into the ranks of the greatest Wizard Colleges in the Empire.

As a newly appointed Sathos of the Wizard’s College, I have just yesterday received my Imperial sanction to build a research facility within the Otheron Mountains near the pass to Ingehtare. I have contracted with a respectable firm to begin the construction of my new home. In the meantime, I shall continue my research and perhaps visit some old friends.

Deptili 12, 643 RD

I have received word from the construction of my new estate; it appears that, when laying the foundation for my tower, an underground cave system of some sort was found. Unfortunately, this will require the employment of some dwarven engineers to rectify the problem. I have also instructed them to construct a wizard locked door to the cavern. Perhaps I may explore the caves in my spare time.

Firstborn 2, 644 RD

It has been an unusually long winter near my new mountain home. Of course, this is only what I have heard. I have begun my research into the creation of simulacrums at the hand of the master Nahilus within his tower outside of Anuri. His innovations in this area are unmatched.

On a more pleasant note, however, the staff for my manor has now been fully assembled.

Macher 27, 644 RD

I have been in my new home for just a fortnight, but I feel as if this was where I have belonged my entire life. Most of the my time has been spent getting the household up and running and detailing what I will need for my experiments. I will send my apprentice, Jarl, to the College on the morrow to obtain these items.

Rund 1, 644 RD

I am near breathless with excitement. I have spent the last 3 days exploring the caverns beneath my tower. For the most part they are exactly as one would expect: slightly damp, dark, and chilly. We came across few animals, only the large cave spiders that I had been told to expect and which my guards dispatched quickly. And then we found it.

We had been mapping the many twists and turns of the cavern system and taking samples from their walls for analysis. We soon came to realize the a faint light was shining in front of us in the blackness. We turned the corner to see an amazing and beautiful sight: a massive cluster of Kara’s Tears, the largest I have ever heard of, each one pulsing with inner light caused by the magical forces locked within.

My mind whirls with the possibilities that having a supply of these rare crystals will mean to my research.

Gest 12, 644 RD

I have recently returned from a a symposium hosted by the Grand College in Kema. While the material presented was fascinating – a discussion on the possible effect of the moon on the flow of magic – a pall had settled over the attendees due to the news of a virulent plague sweeping through the southern cities of our great Empire. It is good to be home.

Spiritwatch 22, 644 RD

The plague, known to many as the Plague of Crimson Tears, has continued its inexorable march through the Empire. Friends and acquaintances in other cities tell me horrific tales of bodies stacked like cordwood, corpses burned in terrible bonfires, looting, riots, and many other atrocities. More and more of my correspondences go unanswered and I fear the worst for many of my old friends.

Noven 5, 644 RD

A band of villagers arrived at the keep today. For some inexplicable reason they believed that I have some form of cure for the plague that is now ravaging the villages north of Kema. Jarl and Refela turned them away, but I fear this only the beginning.

Maxinian's Journal

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