Heritage Lost

Events at Taluda
15 Mark, 561PC

The travelers arrive in Talluda as the sun sets in the west and set up their gear in the old granary. Some go off to the village headman’s home to discuss the find and others go to the small tavern that serves the village. Teodolf Doric appears to be somewhat under the weather and turns in early. While at the tavern, Brass sends one of the men, Connor, back to their camp with a loaf of bread for Teodolf.

The first day goes begins with the sages mapping the ruins. Fenran tells the group that he believes the ruins to be that of a former manor house. This is based on the size of the building, the number of small outlying buildings, and the advanced (and expensive) techniques used to shape the stonework. Somewhat bored with the proceedings, Brass and Zafar Al’Akir explore further into the surrounding forest. They are quite surprised to find an older man, savage in appearance, and rough in speech, seemingly bathing himself in the rich forest dirt.

Naturally suspicious at first, they introduce themselves and discover that the savage, who calls himself Oron, is an exile from his village. Knowing that the sages would be interested in questioning the man, they bring him back to the dig site. Many questions later, the sages are somewhat satisfied, and return to the dig. After hearing that the sages are planning on digging in the area to find hidden artifacts, Oron simply claims that he can help. He then sinks slowly into the ground, only to reappear scant seconds later at the other end of the field. He points to an area nearby and claims that there is some form of underground room and a staircase leading down to it.

The party returns to the village, somewhat concerned about Teodolf’s worsening health. Oron challenges Brass to a wrestling match, much to the enjoyment of the villagers. The rawhide strength of the savage is an equal match for the ancient construct. The battle ended when Oron attempted to trick Brass with sand to the face. This seemed to trigger something in Brass’s programming, as his weapons came alive for a brief instant. He then turned and stalked through the crowd to their camp within the granary.

Upon returning he discovered that Teodolf’s health had worsened considerably. Calling the others to him, they also discovered that the bread sent to Teodolf had been poisoned. Realizing that Connor had disappeared, Brass, Oron, and Zafar, set about tracking him through the now swirling snow.

A few hours later they came upon a dire bear in a murderous rage. After defeating it, they found the body of Connor nearby. He admitted to poisoning Teodolf in retaliation for his role in the denouncement of a powerful cult. The penalty for murder in Kema is death, so Brass executed him. The group returned to Taluda, expecting to find Teodolf dead. Instead, they found that he had stabilized and even seemed to be improving.

You need to bury your dead.
He’s not my dead.

You killed him, he’s your dead.

First Steps
14 Mark, 561PC

The Sage’s Guild put out a call looking for people to join an expedition leaving for the edge of the Kema Region to investigate ruins discovered near the small farming village of Taluda. Three characters, the blue-skinned sorceror Zafar Al’Akir, the former shield-bearer Teodolf Doric, and the zombie-slaying construct Brass, joined three other residents to escort the sages to the village.

* Adon: A young man, blond, clean-shaven, and a little on the short side, Adon is one of the Sage Guild’s experts on pre-Cataclysm language and word forms.
* Fenran: A master of historical architecture, Fenran is a tall, slender man in his mid-30s with long black hair and a goatee.
* Mel: The undisputed leader of the group, Mel is a short frumpy woman who is well-versed in many historical disciplines.

The group left the safety of the city of Kema on the morning of the 5th day of the 4th month of the year 704PT. A cold, yet uneventful walk took them along one of the old rail lines to Rest Area 2465 at Lathian. When they investigated the loading station they found a zombie gnawing at the throat of a young savage. After Brass quickly dispatched the undead monster, he, Teodolf, and Zafar, investigated the area and found no further threat.

The group set their watches and settled down in an attempt to get some sleep.


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