Heritage Lost

Tunnel Spiders

23 Firstborn, 562PC

After leaving the small human settlement, the PCs joined back up at the wagon. Enri immediately barraged them with new details about the armor that they had found. It bore symbols of a clan that had been declared enemies of the dwarves long ago.

The group camped another night, then moved onward, pushing themselves and the wagon on. The terrain became more difficult to pass, as the northwestern side of the mountains are significantly more rugged than the southern range.

Three days later the party realized that they were being paced by something unknown in the surrounding woods. Moving on, they soon came to the entrance of a rail tunnel. A sudden scream from Oryll caused the party to spin around facing the way they had come; two large wolves stood on the trail behind them. These wolves, however, were different. Spider-like mandibles sprouted from their jaws, and layers of webbing covered their bodies. Zafar fired a blast of wind toward pair, obliterating one but leaving the other to bound off into the woods. Rather than risk more of the beasts attacking them in the open, the party chose to make their way into the ancient tunnel. They quickly realized that their decision might not have been the best.

Several large spiders attacked the party (and the wagon) from all sides. Holding in their fear and disgust, they fought the 8-legged monstrosities. A few of them went down, stunned by the beasts’ poison, but the group gained the upper hand. A shriek from deeper in the tunnel drew their attention and a massive spider, easily the size of a horse scrambled out of the darkness. Brass leapt forward, grabbing its massive mandibles as it bore down on him. Meanwhile, two of the spider wolves attacked from the tunnel’s mouth.

Brass, with help from Zafar, overcame the monstrous spider. At the loss of their queen, the remaining smaller spiders fled. Oron and Teodolf Doric were able to defeat the spider wolves. The party members paused to catch their breath, then proceeded to burn the remaining webs. Once they were burned away, the party found the desiccated remains of several travelers. Teodolf made a chilling discovery: one of the bodies had a collection of tribal items, and Oron recognized one of them as belonging to the man he claims killed his son. Zafar used his magical sight and detected that an ancient sword, almost buried under the bodies, emenated a magical aura.

Unfortunately, the night had grown long and it was time to end the session.

3 XP



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