Heritage Lost

The Tome of Truth

17 Mark, 561PC

The second day begins with Brass returning to Kema to report the actions, and subsequent death of, Connor. The sages continue working to uncover the subterranean room, and find a well appointed chamber that was used as an office by the former landholder. Within the room they find a writing desk, a table, an ornate couch, several tapestries, and on dead body. Within the writing desk is a simple diary, written by the former owner of the estate, Lord Oren of House Stallet. Much of the information within the diary is of interest only to sages, as it is mainly about the day-to-day life of the owner.

Excited by the discovery, and cautious about the damages to their team, Mel and Adon agree to return back to Kema. Upon their return everyone is paid the sum of 260 bars – 35 bars per day, plus 2 extra days as a bonus. Zafar Al’Akir and Teodolf Doric are released and sent on their way. Oron is invited to stay with the guild for some time as they interview him about his experiences.

A few days later, Adon comes to the Red Widow, the inn Zafar is making his home, in an extremely excited state. After reading Lord Stallet’s diary in more detail, he has discovered a section detailing the visit of Morgan Chaney, a wizard who had recently been sanctioned to construct a research laboratory in the mountains north of the capital. Adon’s eyes are alight with the possibility of uncovering magical research from a wizard’s tower. Zafar is also enthralled with this possibility. Adon asks if Zafar would see if any member of the previous expedition would be interested in another, while he discusses the matter with someone who may be willing to supply them for the long voyage.

Later that afternoon Zafar receives a letter from Emil Kintoron inviting him to discuss the matter of the expedition. The party arrives at Lord Kintoron’s house as the sun falls, and are shown into a small private room. Kintoron greets them warmly, and offers to outfit their group for an expedition to the northern nation of Inghetare, first to the ancient dwarven city once called Kogak ’n Ol, then on to the capital of Ridiron. The group agrees and he supplies them with speaking stones. They are to use the stones to check in with him as the sun sets on the first night of the new and full moons.

Upon returning to his quarters, Zafar’s elation is somewhat tempered by an anonymous letter that he receives warning him of potential repercussions from Connor’s family.

5 XP



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