Heritage Lost

An Auspicious Beginning

1 Firstborn, 562PC

Outfitted with enough food to last for 3 months, warm weather clothing, survival gear, and porters to carry it all, the strange party heads north from Kema toward the mining village of Gilbor. It is here that they expect to meet up with a new sage to accompany them, as well as obtain information about the mysterious sorceror’s home.

After an uneventful trip, the group arrived in the large village. Stowing their gear they immediately set to washing the dust from their throats and finding information to aid them in their quest. Once seated in the Inn, a scruffy storyteller attracted their attention. Barley, as he called himself, told them a story of a village to the west who’s Elder had raved about the “Tower of the Bloody Man”. This was also when the party got their first taste of the dwarven sage called Enri.

Early the next morning the bulk of the part, with Adon in tow, followed a merchant from the western village. After a mostly pleasant walk, they topped a hill leading into the valley housing the village and witnessed a horrific scenes. A zombie attack had laid low the simple villagers, and some few had turned. The party, led into battle by Brass, easily defeated the undead and began a systematic search of the village buildings. The undead were a mixture of villagers and dwarves. Their guide, the merchant, was found in his home, holding the body of a young girl in his arms as he knelt amidst the wreckage. Coaxed away from the scene, he accompanied the party to the home of the village Elder.

Searching the house, the party found the diary of the Elder, which contained directions to the so-called “Tower of the Bloody Man”. The party decided to wait for morning, then investigate the mines above the village for the source of the undead. Unfortunately, they first had to find the merchant, who had slipped away in the night. He was found back in his home, hanging from the beams, a small stuffed toy clutched against his chest.

The mines above the village were proven to be the source of the undead. Somehow the villagers had broken into a pre-existing shaft. Their horror can only be imagined as a dozen dwarven undead poured from the breach they had created and began consuming them. Brass supervised the destruction of the bodies.

A strange effect seemed to take over Brass during the discovery of the torn up remains: he seemed to enter a trance and ripped through the dead as if her were searching from something. Or someone….



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