Heritage Lost


3 Firstborn, 562PC

Stones crashed down upon the characters entered the cavern. Adon and Enri were driven to the ground under the force of the blows. 2 more groups of the humanoids charged out of hidden positions. Within moments the characters were fighting for their lives. Brass struggled to hold off the larger, more powerful, savages. Teodoric braced himself over the fallen sages. Zafar dodged blows while slinging magical bolts. Oron fared the worst from the onslaught, quickly suffering multiple wounds from the crude clubs of his attackers. As even more of the strange folk charged toward the fray, the party realized that they would soon be overrun. Zafar called upon his magic to allow him to speak in the language of the beast-like folk. He called out to them to negotiate, but the fight continued. They began to fight their way back to the cave entrance, their strength waning. Suddenly, a primal shout rang out, stopping the combat nearly in mid-swing.

The savages fell back, forming a rough semi-circle around the party, while the characters fell back, ready to retreat. An older brute, clad in feathers, bits of bone, and beads formed from broken glass hung from rough-made twine, clambered from behind a large pile of stone. Zafar, through his magic, understood the savage’s grunts and growls. The new arrival, some sort of chief or shaman, had recognized the ancient holy symbol worn by Teodoric and had claimed him to be a savior.

Through questioning the brutes, the party came to understand that they believed themselves to be in some form of alternate plane; their tribe led there long ago to protect them from some form of demonic invasion. At some point in their past, the ground had shaken, as the gods had opened a portal for them to return to the real world. They ventured forth into the “real world” and had both killed those exhibiting the taint of possession (pretty much any violent action) and rescued those they felt to be innocent.

The characters also investigated the bodies and the large crystal growth. Zafar discovered that the crystals were of those called “Kara’s Tears” and had been used to hold magical power. Theodoric discovered that one of the bodies, that of the former seneschal, had an ancient, and very well made, holy symbol much like the rough one he wore. A small maker’s mark containing the symbol for the city Tear lay in the corner of the symbol. Teodoric felt some form of power within the symbol as he touched it. Brass also found a rough journal on one of the bodies.

After much debate, the party decided to escort the savage tribe back to the surface, sending them back to the old farmhouse to form a new community. Zafar believed that the lake, whose waters were saturated with magic, had caused the mutations suffered by the tribe, and that, once away from it, they would begin to revert over time. Brass was more concerned about the effects of introducing a cannabalistic people into the world. Once the savages were taken care of, the party returned to explore the remainder of the manor. They soon found that the power of the wizard’s protection had saved his research quarters from the ravages of time and attack. Within the protected walls they found a library, Maxinian’s research into simulacrum, his journal, a basic alchemy lab, and a mini observatory on the roof. Brass came away with another simulacrum torso, the blue-skinned wizard found a few books, and Theodoric found a book of religious writings. The group decided to remain in the tower overnight.

The next morning, the characters were shocked to see spirits moving throughout the manor. They discovered that the spirits were actually simply memories, replayed by the backlash brought about so long ago. The characters decided to try to break the spell by moving the body, still attached to the door, out of the area. As they crossed the threshold of the manor walls, a massive explosion detonated behind them. They turned to watch the centuries-old structures begin to crumble. Theodoric laid the body to rest in the old barn and fired the structure.

3 XP



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