Heritage Lost

Into the Mountains

4 Firstborn, 562PC

The characters returned to the village of Gilbor believing themselves to be heroes, but instead found themselves “escorted” into the village by the local militia. They were brought before Michelle, the mayor, and questioned about the incidents at the village, then at the tower. Once they explained themselves, she demanded that they give over the items and relics they had recovered from the tower. Adon, however, refused to do so. The militia captain, Egidio Scafaro, calmed the situation down, and inspected one of the books carried by Adon. Turning to the mayor, he refused to confiscate the books and was summarily fired. The characters were escorted from the village and met up with the rest of their travelling crew outside of the town, with a new companion: Captain Scafaro.

The party made its way north, heading for the Otheron mountains. Scafaro warned them of Michelle’s involvement with a bandit named Tuttle, and true to his fears, the bandits attacked the group that night. After driving them off, the characters were left with two captives: both were offered the chance to accompany the group by Teodolf. Needless to say, this shocked the rest of the party. One, Sulny Cer’usk, agreed, while another, whose name was not known, fled, only to be bolted in the back by Zafar.

The characters continued on, soon finding their way to a train tunnel that led deep into the Otheron mountains. While they stared at the lightless portal, Oron had a vision of “The Worm” leading him into the depths of the tunnel. He bolted in, and the rest of the group followed….

The party traveled 8 days, struggling through various incidents, exhaustion, and weather. Then they came upon an amazing thing: a massive bridge spanning an even more massive cavern. At the other end, shining like a beacon in their exhausted state, was an old tavern. As they crossed the bridge, they found something even more amazing: a wrecked airship lay on a ledge some 300 yards below them. The rest of the group went to the resthouse, while the characters went to investigate the airship. Unfortunately, they found themselves surrounded by zombies. After Brass turned into a zombie Cuisinart, they investigated the ship. Inside the hold they found a lot of bones from large fish (part of the cargo), and a large box of pearls. They then went to search the captain’s quarters and got blasted by a massive trap, which almost took out Zafar.

3 XP



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