Heritage Lost

Finding Anuri

3 Hul, 562PC

As the characters approached the city of Anuri they discovered a badly injured man laying on the outskirts of the forest. His body had been ripped by what appeared to be a massive claw strike. Teodolf backtracked the man’s trail and found the body of another man, this one having died from his wounds.

A brief argument broke out amongst the party, as some wanted to take the wounded man on to Anuri, the others wanted to search the trail while it was still fresh. Eventually they chose to take the high road, carrying the man to Anuri. Upon their arrival, they were accosted by a group of about 30 out-Wallers. The men were suspicious of them, not believing their claim that they had walked to Anuri from Kema. The bodies of two of their fellows certainly didn’t help. At the same time, a group of in-wall soldiers quickly came out to the scene. The leader, Marcon, managed, with a certain abrasive style, to calm the situation and convince the out-wallers to take the men into town. To the Black Unicorn to be precise.

The party accompanied the townsfolk to the Black Unicorn, discovering along the way that this was far from the first disappearance, then returned to investigate the scene. Oron tracked the blood back through the forest to a game trail. It was there that t hey characters discovered similar gashes to the ones on the men about 15-20 feet up in the trees. They tracked the men, and the gashes back along the trail to a clearing. Within the clearing the found ripped boughs forming a bed where the men had lain. A strange chemical smell was found on the boughs, and the first tracks of the men appeared as if they were drugged.

Strange voices carried through the woods; the party was not that far from a logging site. They watched for a while, then emerged from the woods to speak to the loggers. When nothing came of that, they returned to Anuri, and found themselves invited to visit the governor, Jayden Clark.

Clark informed the party that he did, in fact, care about what happened to the out-wallers. He told them that a group of men in the employee of one Madam Russo had found a set of ruins while exploring the woods around the city. The disappearances started soon after that.



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