Heritage Lost

Deeper into the Mountains

12 Firstborn, 562PC

Bruised, but not beaten, the intrepid adventurers slowly climbed from the lonely depths of the canyon. Making their way back to the road-side rest they camped in, Teodolf heard the sounds of the hunters calling for the dwarven sage, Enri. Driving their tired legs onward, they soon caught up with Inenath and found that Enri had not been seen for some time. Fearing the worst, they set out to help in the search. (Even Zafar begrudgingly agreed to help.)

Enri was soon located, kneeling before an ancient stone column covered with what appeared to be Dwarven symbols. Conscious and seemingly in good health, he simply did not respond to those around him. Fearing some form of supernatural influence, Teodolf stepped between Enri and the stone, shaking the dwarf from his reverie. Looking up at the former Temple Warden, utter defeat in his eyes, he stammered “I can’t read them. They’re dwarven runes, but I don’t understand them.” At that he rose to his feet and began stumbling back down the mountain to the rest stop.

Zafar, in an attempt to either assuage his own curiosity or his vindictiveness toward Enri, summoned his magical power to read the runes. However, even magic could not decipher the ancient runes, but did reveal that they were not truly dwarven. (Surprisingly enough, Zafar, actually chose to inform Enri of this later. Regardless of his true intent, Enri considered this an act of kindness.) After that failure, Zafar attempted to identify the magic surrounding the stone; an intense backlash of magical energy knocked him to the ground, unconscious. The party decided that any more examination of the stone should wait, and escorted Zafar back down mountain.

The group realized that the would need to contact Emil Kintoron soon, and decided to make an extended stay at the rest-stop. During that time Brass, in an uncharacteristic display of something resembling emotion, argued that the group should explore the area to see if there were anymore of the stone obelisks. While they found no further evidence of such items, they did find (or were found by) a small group of elves. The encounter was brief, yet friendly. The elves warned them of dangers in the mountains and told them of a human settlement a days journey north.

The communication with Kintoron went well, with the only true news being that strange creatures, believed to be tall humanoids had been sighted around the old mage’s tower. Of course, so many strange rumors surround that once cursed place, it is difficult to ascertain the truth.

Finally, the group set off again, deeper into the mountains. Upon reaching another bridge, they encountered and defeated a large creature, called an Ogre in the fairy tales. The battle was short but fierce: Captain Scafaro was felled, not once, but twice; Brass’s formidable strength neraly exhausted, Oron bolstered the party with his healing, and Teodolf did his best to protect his brethren. After a furious spell assault, which seriously injured the beast, the Ogre turned it’s attention to the source of its pain and launched a massive blow, only missing Zafar due to Oron kicking him aside. Unfortunately, adrenaline had seized him, and his kick landed too well, jamming Zafar‘s leg and sending him flying over the edge of the bridge. Only Zafar’s magic saved him, as he summoned a magical & mysterious entity from the plane of air to lift him back to safety. The battle was finally won due to the beast’s over-reach, on the miss, and several final blows landed on him simultaneously, finally defeating the monstrosity.

2 XP



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