Heritage Lost

An Unnatural Oppression

21 Firstborn, 562PC

The session began as the characters were cleaning the old bridge of both the debris and the dead body of the Ogre. As they finished removing the obstructions, they were attacked by a demonic flying creature, part pterodactyl, part beast, the animal proved invulnerable to both their magic and weapons. Thus began a hasty retreat from the open bridge to the tree shrouded line on the other side. The creature landed a vicious blow against Sulny, ripping through his rib-cage and dropping him to the ground. Oron ran to his side, but it was too late for the ex-bandit. The beast then scored a hit against Adon, dropping him to the ground, and forcing Captain Scafaro and Teodolf to assist him across the bridge. Finally under the cover of the trees, the party could do little but watch the horrible beast devour their former companion.

The party continued along the rail-lines, looking for the spur that the elves claimed would lead to the human settlement. As they walked, the surrounding forest grew even more oppressive, leading both Oron and Teodolf to feel that it was more than just exhaustion and cold causing their discomfort. They camped one night, and marched on before finding the spur the next evening. The group decided to camp again, then Teodolf, Zafar, Oron, Turun the merchant, and Inenath the Hunter, to the human settlement.

About a mile’s walk down the dilapidated spur (obviously not protected by the same magic as the main line) the group encountered a disturbing sight: 6 gibbets hung surrounding an well-kept clearing. A low stone table, complete with shackles at the corners, sat in the middle. One gibbet held a very old skeleton, one held a skeleton with bits of flesh and clothing still attached, and
one held a fairly fresh (3-4 months old) body. All had their shin and forearm bones broken. Oron claimed that the gibbets, and the broken bones, were likely punishments for cowardice or thievery.

A mile further on, as a wooden palisade could be just seen through the trees, a large debris field blocked their passage. Teodolf led the way through the field, but fell prey to two traps. Luckily, his combination of armor, agility, and toughness, he managed to escape nearly unscathed. Unfortunately, as Teodolf jumped away from one trap, Inenath stepped off the path and ontol the trigger of another trap. Teodolf was able to defend him from the trap’s attack, but Inenath was unusually distraught by the situation.

After navigating their way through the trapped debris, the small party made it to the wall of the settlement. They were not greeted warmly by the overtly suspicious townsfolk, but managed to talk their way into an audience with the town’s leader, Mehr. On their way through the town, Teodolf noticed a large structure near the center that seemed to be a re-purposed temmple.

The party met with Mehr in an emptied out dining hall. He, like the rest of his people, only acknowledged Zafar if forced to, and then rudely. For his part, Zafar handled it surprisingly well. Turun soon took over the conversation, turning it to talk of trade and commerce. Soon, Mehr left the party to their own devices, taking Turun on a tour of the village, allowing Oron to roam the village freely and Teodolf to examine the temple to Durance. He cautioned Zafar to stay within the dining hall until his companions were ready to leave and Inenath decided to keep Zafar company.

1 XP



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